It is so *Fall* here. Such a beautiful Fall, such amazing colours. Yesterday the frosty edges of leaves made the walk to school like walking through poetry. There was frost fur standing up on the edge of a garbage can, and it was poetry. 

It is so much Fall that I picked up my knitting needles, and my girl picked up hers, and we are knitting together. I bought a ball of wool to start a hat, and she is knitting another scarf for another cousin–and I think maybe she’ll finish this one. 

It is also all about routines, more than ever before in my life I think. School has brought us a rhythm that keeps us hugged like a scarf. There are times for eating, for relaxing, for so much reading, for family games and family shows, audio books and homework. The walk to and from school frames the day, and connects us–often in grumpy hurrying on the way there, forgiven in happy reports and reconnection on the way back. 

I would not have expected it six months ago when we were on the brink of losing our sweet homeschooling life, but here we are: we are thriving. We are smiling, we are connected and we are doing good work that matters. 

The Fall is grounding us, stunning us with its beauty and drawing us out into its crisp air. I pray thanks for the Fall. May we soak it all in and hold it in our hearts through the cold bleak months that are coming. 

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