Making progress: routines, rituals and daily checklist apps

I’ve always been plagued with a messy house. And with a stubborn nature that rejects routine and good habits. These things are not unrelated.

I was lucky to have had a six-year hiatus from the world of paid work, where I was free to make my own routines and carve out my own ways of life.

So for six years I struggled through the chaos freedom of a self-ordered life. It shifted and changed from nap times and nursing, to snacks and preschool, to park dates and swimming lessons, to phonics and project time. It was lovely. It was messy. It was how I had chosen for us to live.

So can you imagine my surprise when, after six years of this chosen messy life, after being plunged into 9-3 work, and walking the kids to school and home, and making lunches every night, and groceries on the weekend and a load of laundry a day, that I discovered I actually Like routine? Here we are, living our lives by someone else’s clock, and we’re thriving?? How can this be?

I’m more surprised than anyone to find that actually, routines work for me too–not just everyone else.

And now that I’ve made this realization, I’m taking advantage of it. I’m building rituals into our day purposefully. I’m harnessing the power of habits to make some lovely changes in my life.

I’ve learned through this blog that the best ritual to do every day is to do a ritual every day. Simply having a routine, a ritual, is a key to success. And the more rituals you have, the better! And the best way to add a new ritual, is to peg it to an already established ritual. Oh yes, this stuff works.

imageThe tool I’ve been using to bring more rituals into my life is a simple little app called List – Daily Success Checklist by Blue Logo. It is a deceptively simple and remarkably powerful tool for bringing in new habits and building upon already established routines.

I should note that this is an honest review and I am not in any way affiliated with this company, nor receiving any compensation for this review. I just really like this app and want to help people change their lives. It is a free app, but I purchased the full version for a few dollars almost immediately, and haven’t regretted it for a second.

Some of the things I have added to my checklist include: a 5-minute tidy upstairs, a 5-minute tidy downstairs right before bed, a 2-minute tidy of my “hot spot” where papers and things accumulate, setting out tomorrow’s clothes in the evening, wiping off the stove and counter, doing literacy work with my son, and doing 5 minutes of meditation and  15 minutes of writing per day.

It may seem too simple, but no joke: this app is really changing my life, and my home. I’ve struggled with clutter and housework for decades, but since starting this checklist app, things are getting tidier every day, almost as if by magic. I love writing, and yet until I added it to my checklist, I wasn’t doing any. Since then I’ve been writing daily.

I believe that change is always possible, and that trying many different paths is the best way to find the road to better things. Putting energy into seeking a brighter way always yield results. I am so happy to have found a tool that is working for me, bringing my daily life into closer alignment with what I want it to be.

Have you discovered any tools for change that you want to tell others about? Let me know in the comments and I’ll be sure to respond.

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