Fierce Hope


and every day I believe in hope.

I fiercely believe in hope.

I believe in peace.

I believe in abundance. There is enough for all of us: enough love, enough food, enough money, enough hugs, enough jobs, enough. We have enough to share: we have to know what is enough, and we have to share our extra.

I believe in love.

I have seen the power of choosing peace and love in transforming relationships that could have gone sour and stayed there. Instead, they are now supportive and truly joyful. I made a choice, and luckily they responded, but I look back at what I did with pride: I made that. Choosing love and peace worked magic–on me as well as them.

I believe in loving someone first, and getting their story second, if at all.

I believe in forgiveness. The grace to witness failure, and allow things to start again, again and again.

I believe in the richness of diversity. I want to hear the stories, more and more stories, of where did you come from, and how did you get to this time and place, and how are things now? There is enough time to listen, and enough love to care, and enough space for your story and mine to exist together.

Today is the day we must start speaking our values. Writing them down. Articulating them to ourselves, our children, our friends, our neighbours.

Because these things, these simple things–Hope, Peace, Abundance, Love, Forgiveness, Diversity–they are stronger and they are better and they are more worthy than hate, anger, greed, fear, blame, grudges and exclusion.

Today, I hold fiercely onto hope.

Because in the face of hate
it gives us


2 thoughts on “Fierce Hope

  1. HI Colleen. Jojo from Ottawa here…you are a beautiful communicator and wonderful woman. Thanks for your blog posts. They are inspiring and genuine. How are you, those beautiful kids and your sweetie doing? Thinking about you as I read your stuff! Xo jojo

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