Sourdough June 5As I’ve mentioned many times in my blog, I love making sourdough.  I’m slowly gathering enough posts on the topic to warrant an archive so anyone wanting recipes, info and starter information can find them all here.

Sourdough Starter

In which I detail how to “catch” a starter, and how to keep one alive and healthy once you’ve got one.

Sourdough Recipe

The fourth “experiment” and I finally decided to post a recipe that seems to be working for me.

Spiked Dough

Not having time to go through all the builds and all the long rises, I decide to spike the final dough with commercial yeast.  Recipe alterations included.

Sourdough Experiment #3

Finally getting some height with my loaves.

Sourdough Experiment #2

I try some changes to try to increase the final rise.

Sourdough Experiment #1

I revive my starter and make two delicious but flat loaves.

Sourdough Links

– the newsgroup archive


5 thoughts on “Sourdough

  1. Hey Colleen,

    This is Ange from Sudbury (I once dated Steve Castilloux ages ago). Jen Beaudry referred me to your blog. I really enjoyed it and I must say that our lives sound very similar, just substitute “in Greater Sudbury” for “In downtown Ottawa”. Thanks for reassuring me that I’m not only mom struggling these issues.

  2. Hi Ange! How’ve you been? I’m glad you’re reading–I’ll have to thank Jen for the referral! Let me know if you have a blog too & I’ll definitely check it out. I’ll think of you if I write any Sudbury-related posts 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

  3. Hello,
    I was curious if you were still willing to part with some of your starter? I live in Ottawa and had been looking for some.

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