Mindfulness Monday: early rising

I was talking with my sister about my New Year’s resolutions, and it turned out she had many similar goals. Her theme for the year, which summarizes her goals, is MINDFULNESS.

It got me thinking about how I can be more mindful in my own life. Mindful of how I spend my time, whom I spend it with, what objects I bring into my life, what substances I take into my body, and perhaps most of all, being mindful of my thoughts and emotions.

One new routine I’m trying out is going to bed and getting up early. I’ve realized how important it is for me to get time all by myself, and 6 am is about the only time I can get this. I often feel guilty for taking “me” time, but when I’m the only one up early, I don’t feel like I’m taking that time and attention away from anyone else.

The first thing I do when I get up is meditate for 15 minutes. This seems to focus my mind for the day, giving me a peaceful and energized attitude from the start.

This morning I got up at 6:30, exercised, showered, meditated, ate breakfast, put on the chicken stock, and am now drinking my coffee and blogging. I also nursed the kids around 7:30, which is probably why they’re still in bed.

Instead of watching TV in the evening, I’m doing things that feed my soul. Instead of going to bed late, and being dragged out of bed by the kids when they wake up (or sleeping in and feeling like I’ve wasted the day), I’m able to get enough sleep, getting up when my body is ready, and being a step ahead of the kids.

I will not hold myself to this regime in any strict way, but the benefits are clear. Getting up early is a positive step along my path to mindfulness.