AWOL in paradise

We came home to visit the family on the July long weekend, and I decided we just had to take a trip to Manitoulin Island to spend some time on the beach. A day can seem like a week here . . .

We got here and it was sun, sand, water, puppies and in-laws who just love playing such games as “Mammal” (my 1 1/2 year old walking on all fours, sometimes carrying loads of sand on his head and washing it in the water) and “Let’s ‘tend I’m a sausage” (my 4-year-old girl lying on a picnic table inviting us to eat her) for hours at a time! How could I return to my hot apartment in the city, especially since we were planning on heading back here for 2 weeks at the end of July anyway.

So we’re playing the 1950’s family again: mom & kids at the beach, while daddy works in the city. Though probably with more nudity.

I think I’m about the luckiest girl in the world.

Oh, and if you want to take a last-minute get-away yourself, there are vacancies here! Just leave a comment & I’ll email you the details!



As of tomorrow morning I am on vacation! I will probably blog a little bit, but probably not with the regularity of recent weeks. Then again, with all the people to help with the little ones, I might just be blogging twice a day!

In the mean time I will be pondering my next challenge: Life Without Plastic! Is it even possible??? I actually doubt it. I’ll start by tracking the plastic that comes into my life over our vacation, and then when we’re back I’ll see if I can go a week without bringing any plastic into our house (I won’t be throwing it out on the street corner either).

So, wish me hot weather for swimming in lakes and free hours for knitting chic sweaters. I’ll be around . . .